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Updated Skeet Coaching book launched

After a long year of COVID-19 lockdown I finally had the time to look at producing a paperback version of my popular OLYMPIC SKEET – THE COMPLETE COACHING GUIDE. The time was right to produce a paperback version to access a wider audience as the original hardback book is sold out.

Updating the Skeet Coaching book and reopening the shop

I have been working on updating the Skeet Coaching book with a view to publishing a 2nd edition later this year.

How to use Sport Psychology to improve your shooting performance

The use of sports psychology has grown exponentially in sport as the benefits that it brings to sporting performance has clearly been identified. It’s use in shooting has been more gradual and in my opinion, less structured than it has been used in other sports. For example, I have seen athletes who look to sports psychology to bridge a gap…

The Professional Shooting Coach

Developing Professional Olympic Shooting Coaching
Olympic shooting is one of the original modern Olympic sports. Coaches and athletes must be able to perform to the highest levels to ensure that they are competitive and successful. I have spent my coaching career as a volunteer, working with athletes to help them realise their potential. My work with the ISSF Academy continues this goal and now I continue to work to create the next generation of coaches to ensure that our athletes have access to the best support, technical knowledge to allow them to succeed and ultimately - to grow the future development of our sport on a global basis.

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Now available in the online shop
OLYMPIC TRAP – THE COMPLETE COACHING GUIDE is the definitive shotgun coaching book for Olympic Trap from leading coach and educator Kevin Kilty. 

Written for coaches and shooters of all levels, Kevin Kilty, sets out his structured coaching system and shows how it can be used in developing Trap shooters from the beginner all the way through to the elite level.

Benefits of Kevin Kilty

How to benefit from a professional ISSF Academy 'A' Licensed coach
Take your own shooting and that of your team to a new level of performance by using the latest in structured coaching techniques.

Performance Analysis

The use of performance analysis to identify areas of your shooting technique which can be improved and strengthened to ensure a consistent and optimal performance.

Training Programmes

Specific training programmes developed to realise the goals identified by the performance analysis.

Goal Setting and Evaluation

Identifying specific short and medium term goals to drive performance improvements.

Sports Psychology

How to maximise your training and competition outcome goals with the aid of sport psychology.

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