Performance Coaching

Get the Best Shooting Performance

using structured coaching
Olympic shooting is a sport requiring competitors to deliver flawless and technically competent performances to be an accomplished and successful shooter.

The process of developing athletes to the levels necessary to achieve such success requires dedication on their behalf and the expertise of a committed and experienced coach who is well-versed in the modern coaching techniques of high performance sport.

The performance coaching techniques I use are the same ones I developed for the ISSF Academy where they have since been adopted many top-level shooting coaches. I have refined the techniques and I readily adapt them to the challenges I face with both national teams as well as individual shooters.

The methodologies and the techniques build upon the fundamental basics of the shooting technique and provide a framework for the shooter to grow their performance at a pace that suits their ability and their goals.

Are you determined to make your shooting as good as it can be!

Methodology & Technique

of performance shotgun coaching
Structured performance coaching brings the benefit of sport science to the sport of shooting. Using techniques developed through years of experience and involvement in coach education, Kevin Kilty brings a depth of knowledge to shooting coaching that allows shooters and national teams to develop and implement training programmes that deliver more for the shooters performance.